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Unless otherwise listed, price is per pound.

Beef Deposit

Place a deposit for a quarter, half or whole beef
  • Beef Deposit

This is a $100 non-refundable deposit for a quarter, half or whole beef, slaughter date to be determined by availability.

Final meat price will be $4 per pound hanging weight (after slaughter). Our goal is 100 lb hanging quarters, but they can be as much as twice this.

This year we are also offering $2 per pound hanging weight for older animals for those wanting exclusively hamburger and stew meat. At real deal at this price!

A slaughter fee of about $75 per animal, $37.50 per half or $18.75 per quarter is payable to the butcher.

You will be entitled to no-cost organs of your choice.

You will have it cut and processed to your specifications. These costs are paid directly to the butcher.

If this is your first time buying in bulk and you are unsure about how to ask for it to be cut or how to cook certain parts of it, please feel free to call or email for suggestions.

Next slaughter is Fall 2018.


Quarter Beef Deposit


Quarter Older Beef Deposit


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