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Sharpening Services

Water cooled sharpening of your knives and scissors will give you the sharpest and longest lasting edge you’ve ever had.

Conventional sharpening methods are high speed and dry - producing dangerous temperatures that can cause the metal to loose its temper, thus reducing the effectiveness, safety, and ability of the balde to keep its edge. Water cooled sharpening preserves the temper and takes far less metal off the edge - which means your blade will last longer.

Our specialty is scissors. Many pair of expensive scissors have been ruined by sharpening - so get them done right.
Even if you’ve never thought about sharpening your scissors - get them done!
We can even change dollar store scissors into something useful.

Custom angles can be put on any blade. Smaller angles on vegetables knifes and wider angles on meat knives.

We can do almost any blade you bring - even left handed knives and left handed scissors.

The bottom line with sharpening is this: Life is too short to use dull tools.
In this image, the customer brought a knife which had clearly been used to pry something open and had snapped the tip off. But all was not lost as the tip was reshaped and a perfect edge was put on a knife that is back in daily use.

Scissors $3
Short Knives $3
Long Knives $4

While you wait service is available by appointment.

Normal turnaround is one day.
Wrap your knives well in paper or leather and drop them off. Your knives will be returned with the edge angle written on them.

Take note of the angle, wash it off, and get to cutting!

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