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Raw Milk

In the Field
This is where it all begins. The cow’s nutrition begins pre-natal and continues throughout their life. Milk is a byproduct of birthing a calf and healthy milk is a byproduct of a healthy cow. There is no sidestepping the importance of what takes place in the field. Unpasteurized milk can only be considered safe when the health of the cow in the field takes precedence over everything else. Our ancestors knew this and enjoyed the benefits.
In the Milk House
Our cows are milked once or twice a day by a milking machine, which yields a clean, easy process which takes less than 10 minutes. The milk is then transferred to a chilling tank where it reaches target temperature in under and hour. Washing up takes about 3 times longer than milking.
In the Bottle
At bottling, chilled milk is transferred from the tank to our own branded bottles for you to take home. We use black lids as a symbol of unpasteurized milk. The only size bottle we use is the round quart. These bottles are easy to pour from, lightweight and keep the milk well sealed. Pour it into a glass, or drink it straight from the bottle - cow power juice!
Our milk is $3/quart and each bottle carries a $3 deposit.

Our milk is unpasteurized.
Please read the FDA’s opinion on raw milk if you are in any doubt about consuming this product.
Click here to read our commentary on the FDA’s opinion.

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