Grey Day Dairy

Chicken Eggs

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Cage free? Free range? Our chickens have no fences - no boundaries. They are free to go wherever they want, but they choose to hang around. Lucky for you, because their eggs are so lovely.

At present, we have a limited number of laying birds, but have new birds on the way. We’ll be ramping up production later this year and into the next couple of years. As the infrastructure on the farm takes shape, there will be a solid place for the flock.

There is a secret combination that we sometimes sell: raw cream, raw eggs… Irish cream and ice cream need these basic ingredients.

$6 per dozen, but you can buy them by the egg, if you please.


One dozen


Grey Day Dairy

A raw milk dairy in Portland's West Hills with meat, eggs, fermented foods and herbal products. $
11501 NW Springville Rd Portland, OR
Phone: 503-840-0873 
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Farmer Gord