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A Secure Website

Obviously, you expect your payment information to be encrypted when you buy something online.

Recently, there has been a push to make more of the web secure for general use. If you'll notice, using Google search or Facebook, most websites now have the green lock in the address bar to indicate that all data to and from the server is secure.

Now, Grey Day Dairy primarily sells raw milk to Portland, Oregon, folks and currently all our sales take place in the driveway, but we also have available on our website a list of all of our products for sale, such as pork cuts, kimchi, and salve. Right now this is a catalog and ordering system for pickup at the farm. Regardless, it was decided that we should follow the lead of the cutting edge of the internet and secure the whole site. This has the benefit, for example, of protecting your email address and phone number in our ordering system. Also, if you use the "get directions" feature of our map, you're current location is protected from prying eyes. ALL the data that is transferred to and from our server is now secure. Sounds good to me!

Look up in the address bar - you'll see our green lock! We've been verified to be a real business with a data secure site.

Grey Day Dairy's Green Lock

Sometime in the foreseeable future, there may be a payment system available in our online store (and shipping, too). Because our site is already encrypted, we're ready at any moment to make this change. This means credit cards might be in our store's future, making your purchase easier and allowing our products to be shipped across the country.

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Grey Day Dairy

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