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Our New Farm

We're all happy to be at our new farm this autumn. We've partnered with a life-long farmer to continue our own farming adventure.

The new property is still on NW Springville Rd, but we're not set up for receiving visitors. Our farming operation has been greatly scaled back and we're rather bare bones now, only keeping a handful of cattle and a few chickens - and no pigs through the winter (they will return in the new year). With my kidney stone problems this has all worked out for the best right now as we take it easy and concentrate on the core of our farm and homeschooling our oldest.

There are new and different opportunities on our new farm. It borders the Portland city line, providing unparalleled access to farm fresh food for our West Hills and city neighbors. The land is about 90 acres and has been cared for as a family farm for generations. There are hundred year old fir trees and it provides one of the few safe movement corridors for the deer and elk herds.

Our cattle are currently harboring in the walnut orchard and rejuvenating its pasture. For the winter, we plan on fixing a few fences and widening the driveway as well as building a new solar powered dairy building. Perhaps we'll have photos to share soon, but for now, the property is closed to the general public as we work out our infrastructure and as I regain my health. May this winter be kinder to us than last!

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