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Autumn 2017 Farm Update

At the beginning of July I had an emergency room visit for a kidney stone blocking my left ureter. The awesome urologist put a stent in and decided we needed to look at getting that stone and the other small stones on my left side out... We also talked about getting the very large stones in my right kidney out. Since then, I have been waiting for this double surgery which is coming up in a week and a half.

Since my emergency room visit, my wife, Susan, has been doing almost all the farm chores as well as her full time job, and looking after me and our three girls. She's used up almost all of her reserve energy, but we have a bit to go yet. Thanks so much to David and Alen for helping out!

On top of this we've been shutting down the farm at the location we've been at for the past three years, figuring out what the future holds and trying to downsize as small as we dare. The Grey Day Dairy of the future will be a leaner operation, but still plan to keep our mission and provide milk, meat, eggs, fermented foods, and other products to our friends and neighbors here in Portland's West Hills.

We'll update as we're able. For now, let me get through this surgery and out on the other side.

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